Last year, we set out to raise $30,000 and donate 750 gifts. With the help of our employees, friends, families and sponsors, we surpassed our goal by raising $35,192 and 1428 gifts for the children in the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres’ care. This year with more kids in need and less sponsors, it's more important than ever to help our kids have a little happiness in another pandemic-overshadowed year.
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    Linknow Media

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    Farid Nazemi

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    Paul Karlsgodt

    $102.90 / 36 days ago

    Keep up the great work. Happy Holidays.

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    Jason Shlien

    $1,029.00 / 39 days ago

    Always a pleasure giving back!

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    Melanie Rakovski

    $51.45 / 44 days ago

    Keep doing what you’re doing! If only all companies went as far as LinkNow. Be proud that you are touching so many lives. Honoured and proud to be part of it❤️

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    Jonathan and Dana Auerbach

    $100.00 / 44 days ago

    Great initiative to put smiles on the faces of children this holiday season. Kudos to Eve, Wes and the entire LinkNow team!

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    Jordan Perlis

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    Lindsey Barr

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    Ryan Allen

    $51.45 / 53 days ago

    It is so inspiring to see the everyone at all levels of the LinkNow team get behind such a good cause. I'd donate more if I could.

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    Cindy Lambert

    $25.73 / 54 days ago

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    $121.42 / 54 days ago

    You guys rock!! We are honored to support this cause annually. Xoxoxo

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    Anna Mushynski

    $205.80 / 54 days ago

    One of the reasons I'm proud to work for LinkNow Media is the ways the company makes such a difference in the community. Thank you!

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    $257.25 / 54 days ago

    A few years ago Wesley found me in a difficult situation financially and he supported me above and beyond what a traditional company would have. They have given me multiple opportunities to grow as a person and I would like to pay it forward. Thank you Linknow, Thank you Wesley and Thank you to the Batshaw youth & family centres foundation for doing what you do.

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    Adam Davis

    $102.90 / 55 days ago

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    From our hearts to yours. Happy Holidays!

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    Tish Harrop

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    Sonny Bettan

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    Keep up the good work!

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    Danielle Bettan

    $51.45 / 57 days ago

    As always... good job everybody!

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    Dany Bensoussan

    $185.22 / 57 days ago

    Good luck!!!

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    Mikael Cohen

    $1,029.00 / 57 days ago

    Good stuff! Keep it up :)

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    $10,290.00 / 57 days ago

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    Marc Hardgrove

    $3,087.00 / 57 days ago

    We at The HOTH look forward to contributing to this wonderful charity ever year. Thank you!

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    Paolo Bastone

    $360.15 / 57 days ago

    Wonderful to help put a smile to all those children. Great job everyone

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    Dana Elliott

    $25.73 / 58 days ago

About LinkNow Media

Back in 2012, our staff decided that the same old company gift exchange was not doing enough during the holiday season. Sure, we had the opportunity to gift coworkers with entertaining and embarrassing presents, but the truth of it was that these gifts often ended up in the trash at the end of the day.

Our first thought was that we could donate to an orphanage. However, there are currently no orphanages in Quebec. Parentless and deserted children are funneled directly into foster care programs. So, the research began. After extensive review, we landed on the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres and knew that we had found our match. A non-profit organization, Batshaw Youth and Family Centres have been providing underprivileged children with the support they need for over 25 years.

They do this through professional psychosocial, rehabilitation, and social integration services, and a number of other free amenities such as: Child placement services for neglected children Support for victims of psychological, physical, or sexual abuse Assistance for abandoned children Assistance for children with behavioral problems Family mediation Adoption disclosure Court expertise on child custody. The Batshaw Youth and Family Centres also deal with young offender interventions by virtue of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. If something is affecting Quebec’s youth, the dedicated staff at Batshaw are there.

After reading about the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, we of course wanted to arrange a meeting. And, while we thought we knew what we were getting involved in, nothing could have prepared us for the stories we heard. Our hearts ached, and our stomachs dropped upon hearing the stories of how children end up under the care of the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres.

Stories of abuse, neglect, sexual assault, violence, death… much too awful to even repeat. We also came to realize that there are far more neglected kids in our province than we originally imagined. The Centre deals with thousands every year. Thousands of children, who, instead of looking towards their future with inspiration and confidence, feel as if they have no future ahead of them. . . There has never been a better time to help. With 100% of your donation going to the kids please help us give back to our youth. Thank you!